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Work can be seen and is for sale at:

gallery Zône Gallery Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b, 2312 KA Leiden, the Netherlands
Frans Beelen will be in Gallery Zône on:

Nov. 10
Nov. 16
Dec. 8
Jan. 4

10am - 1.30pm
12 - 6pm
10am - 5pm
12 - 6pm

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artemisia leeuwarden Artemisia in kunstzaken, Eewal 98, 8911 GV Leeuwarden,the Netherlands
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Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld
Walstraat 13, 7511 GE Enschede
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1 - 30
Galerie Zone Leiden 'Material matters' or not?

The 11 artists participating in this exhibition, incl. Frans Beelen, all use textiles as their material of choice. It is variously stitched, dyed, painted, torn, constructed. Does the use of the medium affects the way the meaning of the artwork is communicated?

Opening sunday November 4, 2pm by Nicole Roepers, conservator contemporary art museum De Lakenhal Leiden.

Gallery Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b, 2312 KA Leiden
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November 2 -
December 30
Galerie Huis ter Heide Gallery Huis ter Heide

Gallery Huis ter Heide situated in a small village in Drenthe is maintained by an artist collective. During two months Frans Beelen shows her jewellery there, together with three other artists.

Official opening sunday November 4 2pm.

Gallery Huis ter Heide
Norgervaart 10a, Huis ter Heide (Drenthe)
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