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Work can be seen and is for sale at:

gallery Zône Gallery Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b, 2312 KA Leiden, the Netherlands
Frans Beelen will be in Gallery Zône on:

June 2

3pm - 6pm

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Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld
Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld
Walstraat 13, 7511 GE Enschede
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Galerie Alafran, Diepenheim Gallery Àlafran
Grotestraat 45, 7478 AB Diepenheim
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April - Sept.
logo Artelier Aelder Hooghe Frans Beelen visits van Gogh
Exhibition of ornaments

In februari 2012 Frans Beelen worked as artist in residence in the guest studio of museum The Van Goghhuis in Zundert. There she completed a series of 24 ornaments, inspired by the works of Vincent van Gogh, a project she started in 2009. The total collection comprises sixteen necklaces, three brooches and five rings.

In the context of the event van Gogh Drenthe 2023 these jewellery can now be seen in Artelier Aelder Hooghe in Aalden

Open: weekends 29/30 April, 24/25 June, 25/26 Augustus and 9/10 September or after appointment with Joke Holwarda phone 06 55915950
Between and 5pm.

Artelier Aelder Hooghe
Koemarsendrift 4, 7854 RV Aalden

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May 14 - June
Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld Duo exhibition

Frans Beelen ornaments
Ina Wolters drawings, paintings

click here for information (in dutch)

Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld
Walstraat 13, 7511 GE Enschede
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